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True Love Or Money? Critically Sick Man Weds His Wife On Sick Bed In Hospital [Photos]


by Komolafe Daniel 0

According to the story shared by a Liberian man Philip Blamo,a man who was seriously sick in the hospital was made to sign a legal marriage certificate by his girlfriend. I am not sure if it really happened in Nigeria as he said.

Dizia Luís de Camões, that Love is a fire that burns without seeing itself, is hurt that hurts, and does not feel, it is a discontented contentment, it is pain that unlocks without hurting.

At a difficult time in which we live the crisis of love only interests and other scenes Malaikes, there are still those who keep the love for their companion with the seven keys.

Carla José, virtuous woman is one of the great examples for the “novices” of today, did not look at the deficiency of her love João Graciano Jose, who at the age of 12 a victim of a rare disease completely paralyzed its members.

Even with these troubles that life imposed on Joao Graciano Jose, his beloved Carla José decided that love spoke louder by marrying the man he had always loved … It is a great lesson in overcoming and loving above all else.

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