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Two Nigerian Sisters Akwaeke & Yagazie Emezi Achieve Greatness Together


Arriving at your dream and making it work for you can be a sweet thing but, it is sweeter when the entire family win, that’s the case of two Nigerian sisters, Akwaeke & Yagazie Emezi who have been photographed by American portrait photographer, Annie Leibovitz for Vogue.

The sisters are telling unique stories through the pen (Akwaeke is preparing to publish her first novel) and photography (Yagazie is an accomplished photographer) to address issues of identity and personal struggles of life.

Read their post below:

‘Sisters Akwaeke and Yagazie Emezi differ in approach (one wields a pen and the other a camera), but both address struggles of self-identification. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue (@voguemagazine), February 2018.’ Grab a copy this February (online out now). . ‘Through different forms, the sisters see themselves as part of a larger endeavor to break with norms and tradition. “There’s this reality that’s considered mainstream, where beauty looks like X,” says @azemezi. “We’re stepping outside that reality, and we’re saying we’re not going to move.”’ . We grew up in Aba, fetched and bathed in rain water, ate white rice with ketchup or groundnut oil, did homework by candlelight, told stories to each other in the dark, read and snacked through tons of books, played for hours and let our imagination fly. We created fantastic worlds for ourselves, still hard to believe that we now occasionally live in them. . (Fun fact – there were many fabulous outfits in wardrobe … I walked in wearing one that really wasn’t me although very much glam and beautiful. Annie and I stared at each other like 😐. So I went out picked out something more casual and we were both happy 🤗😩😂) #vogue #annieleibovitz #emeziexcellence

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